SGLCarbon GmbH

SGL Carbon GmbH  ( is part of SGL Group SE, based in Wiesbaden Germany. SGL Group is one of the leading manufacturers of carbon materials with more than 5500 employees and around 40 sites worldwide. The portfolio comprises performance products (graphite and carbon electrodes for steelmaking, aluminium and silicon production), carbon fibres and composites (carbon fibres composite materials, ceramics) and graphite specialties (materials for production of semiconductors, LED, e.g.).

In the field of electrochemical power sources, SGL is manufacturing fibre-based (carbon paper, cloths, carbon felts) and electrode material powders (artificial graphite for Lithium ion batteries, e.g.) as well as graphite-polymer compounds for bipolar plates and graphite foils. SGL’s Technology and Innovation department (T&I) based at the site in Meitingen, Germany, has a staff of 130 people with approximately two third scientific personnel and engineers.
Key personnel
Dr Ruediger Schweiss (Project Manager Energy Systems), Leader of WP1 

Ruediger Schweiss